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A New Project

2009-01-24 00:21:50 by Axxe17

I really have been around for along time hear on NG, so i kinda wanted to start with something KINDA never seen hear before. this series is called Hamster Jam its about 4 hamster that live next door to each other with there masters that happen to be Gamers. these hamsters happen to know alot about today's media. Video games, Movies, news, internet and shit. well i guess so far that's all that i have , but hears a picture of the cast. the main character is Tydon, and all the rest are well. you see them.

i will be making music Videos of your fav music. or at least the ones i think would look cool in action with Hamsters lip syncing them. well enjoy.

oh and another thing, i MIGHT remake the Kirby VS Dedede animation musicvideo.
for now on we will call these videos FMV's flash music videos

Pix3L Penguin out..... well.. till i get internet at my house, witch will be on Wednesday

A New Project


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2009-01-26 16:50:43

Hamsters? hah, I wasnt expecting that! I hope it turns out good :)

Axxe17 responds:

it may take alittle bit, but im sure you guys will enjoy it


2009-02-02 07:37:24

Nice drawings for the hamsters.

And I came to your page to tell you awesome job on the kirby animations you made for the supah nintendo project. You made them right? Just trying to make sure XD

Axxe17 responds:

yep^^ i made them^^


2009-02-03 09:51:10

thats is a fucking great idea, my fav. animal, and fav. hobby put into one, my lil' hamster used to be called tyson:3

Axxe17 responds:

wow seriously? the same name as the main character?


2009-03-01 14:31:37

I cant wait =D
I love your animation(Even how few you have posted XD)
Good Luck =D


2009-03-09 18:49:54

Yay !!! thats cool Reminds me of hamtaro


2009-03-14 14:36:50

How about calling it "Hamsterdam" where the hamsturzh goes to HAMSTERDAM and get totally whacked on HAMSTERWEED!! ALLRIGHT!!


2009-03-30 18:55:51

man i cant wait until hamsterjam comes out cuz after seeing what you can do i bet its gonna be awesome


2009-07-28 08:41:32

Now I get how your animation looks so badass! You take a load of time to do one submission, right?

Axxe17 responds:

that's correct^^


2010-06-21 07:42:39

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