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HamsterJam Ep.1 in Progress

2009-07-10 14:02:21 by Axxe17

I wanted to make a intro that's cute and kinda typical, but the series its self may not be lol. now i started this i began recording the intro before animating it, and i will be recording in chunks at a time, im going to try making more flash work in the future and what not and i hope that i will get enough experience to just pump these things out like more Newgrounders.

So yeah i know this was taking me MONTHS to finally start, right now im working on the first scene recording and what not, this seems to be very fun, and i want to look for more voice actors for this, i will just have it post the Hamsters and see who would like to be a voice, but i will need to finish the first Episode Script.

I ordered some stuff hear and there to help with my voice work, i will be doing most the voices but i will get others to help as well, i have some in mind already when the parts come up, so later on down the road you all will be seeing the teaser for the very first episode. i really hope you enjoy.

If you have any Questions about this or anything else about HamsterJam please comment

HamsterJam Ep.1 in Progress


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2009-07-11 23:31:21

I have a question. Where are the voice actors going to audition? Because I was wandering if I can voice for one of your chericters.

Axxe17 responds:

i really have no clue yet, i mostly try to talk to them on skype or something, but this is really my first time ever looking for volunteers


2009-07-15 17:10:44

oh goody


2009-07-15 18:37:31

I would love to ask of three things. A) Can you alert me when you need a voice actor? B) What is your skype? C) Can I see some videos of you working on flash? If I could have the awnsers to these questions soon I would be very greatful. I would love to talk and share (although I might be learning more then shareing) techniques at flash animation. Thank you for reading and I will check back for your awnser.


2009-07-15 19:03:19

I know a good place where u can look for people to audition! It's called and its a very good website to use for auditions. Also, when u do get auditions up, I wanna try to audition for a character! This looks fun :D


2009-07-16 05:23:19

Sorry to get off topic, and sorry this is hugely late, but I loved your skits in $00PAH NIN10DOH! The Four Swords and the Kirby ones were drawn so awesomely and funny. And the voice acting was perfect.

On topic.: Loved the hamster intro. It was adorable, and foreshadows a great flash. Can't wait to see what happens.


2009-07-16 10:29:51

i'm lookin 4 a voice actor too and i gotta say,for a level 2 ur animations are really good.
P.S:Looking 4 a voice actor


2009-07-16 12:26:23

Heya, Im volunteer for the voice acting thingy :D
Week earlier bought a mic and tested it works. Zero experience, and nothing to show for..
When do we start? :DD


2009-07-16 20:48:16

Yeah, liked the preview. :)


2009-07-16 20:50:33

I could join it but I can only be a writer, Sponsor or Artist

This is why
1.I don`t have flash
2.I suck at voice acting
3.I can`t send emails
and last 4.I don`t have a microphone.


2009-07-25 06:25:32

hey, i could help with voices if you want.



2009-07-28 22:32:21

I'm new here to newgrounds but I am still interested in auditioning. If you're interested I do have a skype account: Raine Takara please contact me?