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Voice Audition for the part of Flow

2009-07-25 16:46:11 by Axxe17

Hello everyone, i am in need of a experienced female voice actor that is good at soft cute tones and is able to be awesome at the same time. i guess im kinda picky, but im looking for some one with a nice clear pro sounding mic quality, im trying to find less room sounding performances, but i need to get a better mic .

if any of you are interested and havee been in flashes before please send me a note.

Voice Audition for the part of Flow


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2009-07-25 16:50:25

ask these two girls...


Princess Aurora


Axxe17 responds:

interesting... ill try^^ what have they done before?


2009-07-25 16:58:54

Princess Aurora was the voice used in one of the Gamer tonight flashes.And Rina-chans done lots , you'd have to look at her resume to see. its linked from her page

Axxe17 responds:

hmmm alright, im still kinda fresh tot his interface so it may be hard to find, i hope not


2009-07-25 17:05:18

Rina Chan has a good microphone, but she doesn't really put emotion into what she does.

I suggest finding someone else.

Axxe17 responds:

oh ok thank you^^ do you know of any one else? i never heard of Princess Aurora, I cant find voice clips of her work, [im still a noob to this site,] but ill try e-mailing her


2009-07-25 17:06:33

Hamster + a mole = that picture


2009-07-25 17:15:31

i have a kid voice in Max and Emma 2
buttt i'm not sure if it's the voice ur looking for :(


2009-07-25 17:42:00

I could give it a shot, though cute voices aren't exactly more forte. But I'd be willing to try anyway.

I'd also recommend asking she's good.

HOWEVER! The VA I know with the cutest voice is Sweets. She hasn't done any flash that I know of but she's done other VA work.

If you want an utterly cute voice, and her's is 100% natural I've spoken to her over Skype many times, I'd say ask her.


2009-07-25 17:54:46

Khawner, that just means she's been given poor direction. It can happen to anyone.

Axxe17 responds:

really? wow, i didnt know that, and really i haven't ever head her voice before


2009-07-25 18:43:30

Ahaha. Glancing at your favourites list, you actually have a number of times. =P


2009-07-25 18:48:02

Rina-chan's voice acting demo if you haven't already found it. I personally don't like her voice, but that's just my opinion: n/108275


2009-07-25 18:53:18

Oooh, I'm interested. o.o

You can check out my voice demo on my page! :)

Axxe17 responds:

will do^^


2009-07-25 18:58:38

Oh, hee hee hee hee


2009-07-26 00:37:45

Thats some nice animation, I'm a dude though, and a voice actor :). For future reference ^_^

Axxe17 responds:

interesting so you make music too, very nice1 maybe i can use ya lol


2009-07-26 01:00:18

I have to honestly say
I love that hamster, it's freakin' adorable, and I want to own it and hug it forever.

Rina-chan isn't really the best choice, for reasons others have already stated--namely she doesn't emphasize as well as others could, her voice is (honestly) very typical, and it's been used in so many Flashes it rings in your ears.

I'm not sure who to suggest but I think there's a voice-acting club thread in the BBS.

Once again I love the hamster. Its expression just makes me happy inside.


2009-07-26 03:18:39

I'LL DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2009-07-26 04:31:26

lol, HotDiggedyDemon, don`t do it


2009-07-26 04:42:28

you should ask rina chan she is one of newgrounds best voice actors


2009-07-26 08:08:53


HIT UP HOTDIGGIDYDEMON!!! He knows what he's doing!


2009-07-28 22:19:47

I've got a good mic and I can handle cute tones. I'm not quite sure what you want in an audition but I do have a simple demo reel. If you think it catches you attention, please by all mean contact me