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Flow auditions over, and other news

2009-07-30 13:47:07 by Axxe17

whelp looks like its over, but there will be ore places to be filled, next time will be 2 other characters that will appear in later episodes, so i will be reviling them soon.

the audio track is still being worked on, i will be animating soon so hold your shorts and what not lol, thank you guys very much for your support and please continue to wait^^

and something else, ive been trying get my artwork to show up in the Art Portal, and that's not working at all, so im just going to post it hear in hopes for people to see it. something i wanted to make for the animator, she made a awesome piece of work with her series (only has one episode so far but still awesome)

Flow auditions over, and other news


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2009-07-30 14:03:13

It's Lil' Hoots!! :D