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HamsterJam UPDATE

2009-08-18 18:39:00 by Axxe17

Alright, progress on the animation. we now have an opening theme, [witch may change soon] and it is being animated as we speek. the audio took me the longest to complete because of normalizing problems.

BUT i have re-recorded the entire episode, and i am now looking for a Background artist. im very close to getting one. so hold tight everyone


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2009-08-18 19:29:08

ohooo, an opening theme...
that should be fun... i've been trying to make one for my animation that i am working with some other people one... it's called "Fantasy High"
can't wait to see what the episode looks like :D


2009-08-19 23:57:25

so how are the auditions going?


2009-08-23 23:50:52

your my favourite ever ng artist now. no pressure though, i can wait for PERFECTION :3 the trailer was great, i just noticed the music in the background was from Sonic Unleashed, can't remember what part though, think it was holoska at night? meh.


2009-09-26 16:04:36

Hahah, cant wait! I come here every few days to see if there are any changes. Get that backround artist!