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HamsterJam Progress Report

2009-11-02 13:49:41 by Axxe17

Finally after hours and hours of work, at my job im able to get some work done on my first episode. and the episode is looking awesome so far, most of it is not outlined yet, and some places will need better layer placement.

The Preview animation you guys saw a while back will have miner changes on it. the voices wont be changed, but you will see some bits of the animation re-done.

The animation itself is probably the most hardiest thing i have ever done, but im LOVING IT! i adore how its turning out, and im trying my best not to have monstrously detailed backgrounds, but it will look good if it has that.

THINGS I MAY NEED HELP ON: is backgrounds. i know im a artist, but i really feel i should focus on the animation and character placement, so if any of you are artists out there are are able to make awesome beautiful backgrounds please don't be afraid to ask.

For a background artist, i will make the sketch of the background i want, you can ether make it in photoshop. or in flash itself. and it till be so appreciated^^

I NEED a musician. i have no music for this series and if you guys know anyone that can make awesome and beautiful music please tell me, because the series wont be good with out music.

The animation is slightly half way animated. once im done animating it i will be ableot color it and stuff. so please hang in there guys^^ the voice actors that are inthis series, i havent forgotten about ya^^ and you guys will be noted when its complete!

Thank you guys for the awesome comments! and please stay tuned!

HamsterJam Progress Report


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2009-11-02 14:07:59

Awesome. Looking forward to it : >


2009-11-02 21:33:17

Once again, the hamsters are inexplicably cute.

I like the idea of seeing a sketched background and building upon it but I'm probably not the best choice for background-making. I'm afraid I'd ruin your slick foreground with a lousy wobbly floor or something.

Axxe17 responds:

hehe well show me what you got, or do you have any one that is good with them?


2009-11-04 22:46:42

I can't wait for this! i'll try to look for someone who can help you! :D Don't rush, take your time!


2009-11-12 02:21:31

Well if you want, I could try to find some of the music you are looking for on Newgrounds unless you want 100% original music. All you need to do is just tell me what kind of music you are looking for (Ex: "chill and intriguing" or "rave-esque and fast") and I will search for theme anyway possible.


2009-11-16 20:37:06

I can give backgrounds a shot.


2009-12-21 13:30:42

I may not make backgrounds that much but i can help you im a good artist when it comes to inpirations :D


2010-01-16 08:07:02

omfg, i can't wait, its killing meeeeee! so cute :3


2010-04-24 18:22:17

Hi I was reeding you report and i am looking forward for the first episode!!! Can't wait Xd

But U need music you say!
I know a really talented Gou named ales he has ben playing piano for 24 years And Does it every day And he told me he would be glad to help you with some music if you need it! So Justt tell me back what you think about it!


2010-07-11 21:30:25

hey awesome, hey and also did u make the kirby flash in $oopa nin10doh the one with kirby vs metanight


2010-12-29 23:26:02

Looks like a lot of fun, can't wait to to see it ^^


2011-06-29 18:41:33

Well this is a surprise. I didn't know you had an account here, let alone been apart of the Nin10Doh collabs.


2011-11-17 11:58:47

i wonder are you still looking for help on this thing?


2012-05-22 18:01:36

no he is not i pm'd him a few years back and he said he decided not to do it :(