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qustion about Banners

2008-04-29 21:33:10 by Axxe17

hello all i would like to know how i can get my own banner above my page like some of the animators hear? any one knows how?

please be helpful

-Pixel Penguin


2008-04-17 20:03:30 by Axxe17

I'm very frustrated right now... this is seriously fucked up guys! the Kirby vs dedede file is gawn, lost NOWHERE TO BE FOUND! I'm very sorry but i refuse to continue with it, i worked on that thing for months!

this is tragic.... i guess the only thing now is just what you guys have seen, i have saved the vid of what i had thus far before i had to close out...

the damn thing told me that the file was only read me or something and telling em that he file could be open in another application! but now the fucking thing is lost! i looked in my trash bin and its nowhere to be found....

i think I'm going to be sick.....

Something alittle diffrent

2008-02-28 14:06:06 by Axxe17

hehe ok now^^ this next project will have action in it, i will try my best to not mess up the sound, tho i would like some sound settings form any of you on the export video menu if your willing to tell me how to get the best sound quality. so that it wound sound like a cheap piece of crap like my first.

any settings friends?

help please if you can

2008-02-27 15:00:52 by Axxe17

I knwo my first animation was good and all but really I'm just new to the flash program, and i have never been to collage to learn it, but any way i would love some help guys, i will need to buy some equipment or something to make my sound and auto editing better.

do any of you out there knwo any programs i can get or pirate so that i can do my voice acting with sound FX and stuff?

i also would like to knwo where i can get sound FX, the next animation I'm doing will be Episode 2 of "Stop and Listen" and there will be you knwo the funny stuff, and some action in it.

so if any of you out there can help me, or link me to a torrent or something, please help me. oh lol and if i so get a pirated program, please provide the crack or pass key or something too, thankyou all *bows*