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HamsterJam Progress Report

2009-11-02 13:49:41 by Axxe17

Finally after hours and hours of work, at my job im able to get some work done on my first episode. and the episode is looking awesome so far, most of it is not outlined yet, and some places will need better layer placement.

The Preview animation you guys saw a while back will have miner changes on it. the voices wont be changed, but you will see some bits of the animation re-done.

The animation itself is probably the most hardiest thing i have ever done, but im LOVING IT! i adore how its turning out, and im trying my best not to have monstrously detailed backgrounds, but it will look good if it has that.

THINGS I MAY NEED HELP ON: is backgrounds. i know im a artist, but i really feel i should focus on the animation and character placement, so if any of you are artists out there are are able to make awesome beautiful backgrounds please don't be afraid to ask.

For a background artist, i will make the sketch of the background i want, you can ether make it in photoshop. or in flash itself. and it till be so appreciated^^

I NEED a musician. i have no music for this series and if you guys know anyone that can make awesome and beautiful music please tell me, because the series wont be good with out music.

The animation is slightly half way animated. once im done animating it i will be ableot color it and stuff. so please hang in there guys^^ the voice actors that are inthis series, i havent forgotten about ya^^ and you guys will be noted when its complete!

Thank you guys for the awesome comments! and please stay tuned!

HamsterJam Progress Report

HamsterJam UPDATE

2009-08-18 18:39:00 by Axxe17

Alright, progress on the animation. we now have an opening theme, [witch may change soon] and it is being animated as we speek. the audio took me the longest to complete because of normalizing problems.

BUT i have re-recorded the entire episode, and i am now looking for a Background artist. im very close to getting one. so hold tight everyone


2009-08-08 19:52:53 by Axxe17

Ok guys this just in! i have a new microphone and im not using that crappy headset and stick mic for my recordings. so no more room sound.

i will be re-recording episode one, for those who i had record the voices of their character your voices will remain^^

news on the animation

right now im animating the opening sequence for episode 1 and im gathering sound effects.


whelp looks like its over, but there will be ore places to be filled, next time will be 2 other characters that will appear in later episodes, so i will be reviling them soon.

the audio track is still being worked on, i will be animating soon so hold your shorts and what not lol, thank you guys very much for your support and please continue to wait^^

and something else, ive been trying get my artwork to show up in the Art Portal, and that's not working at all, so im just going to post it hear in hopes for people to see it. something i wanted to make for the animator, she made a awesome piece of work with her series (only has one episode so far but still awesome)

Flow auditions over, and other news

Hello everyone, i am in need of a experienced female voice actor that is good at soft cute tones and is able to be awesome at the same time. i guess im kinda picky, but im looking for some one with a nice clear pro sounding mic quality, im trying to find less room sounding performances, but i need to get a better mic .

if any of you are interested and havee been in flashes before please send me a note.

Voice Audition for the part of Flow

HamsterJam Ep.1 in Progress

2009-07-10 14:02:21 by Axxe17

I wanted to make a intro that's cute and kinda typical, but the series its self may not be lol. now i started this i began recording the intro before animating it, and i will be recording in chunks at a time, im going to try making more flash work in the future and what not and i hope that i will get enough experience to just pump these things out like more Newgrounders.

So yeah i know this was taking me MONTHS to finally start, right now im working on the first scene recording and what not, this seems to be very fun, and i want to look for more voice actors for this, i will just have it post the Hamsters and see who would like to be a voice, but i will need to finish the first Episode Script.

I ordered some stuff hear and there to help with my voice work, i will be doing most the voices but i will get others to help as well, i have some in mind already when the parts come up, so later on down the road you all will be seeing the teaser for the very first episode. i really hope you enjoy.

If you have any Questions about this or anything else about HamsterJam please comment

HamsterJam Ep.1 in Progress

A New Project

2009-01-24 00:21:50 by Axxe17

I really have been around for along time hear on NG, so i kinda wanted to start with something KINDA never seen hear before. this series is called Hamster Jam its about 4 hamster that live next door to each other with there masters that happen to be Gamers. these hamsters happen to know alot about today's media. Video games, Movies, news, internet and shit. well i guess so far that's all that i have , but hears a picture of the cast. the main character is Tydon, and all the rest are well. you see them.

i will be making music Videos of your fav music. or at least the ones i think would look cool in action with Hamsters lip syncing them. well enjoy.

oh and another thing, i MIGHT remake the Kirby VS Dedede animation musicvideo.
for now on we will call these videos FMV's flash music videos

Pix3L Penguin out..... well.. till i get internet at my house, witch will be on Wednesday

A New Project

on my plate

2008-06-25 22:00:47 by Axxe17

Nothing,but an egg

Kirby flash anime series by me

2008-05-25 11:15:25 by Axxe17

Well everyone i am going to get something a shot hear. I'm going to make a flash series Based on Kirby, and this will be kind of an original storyline hear.

the series will have a intro to every episode like it was a real Anime, lol i cant believe i thought this crap up, but i would like to find a nice theme song for this, and the first thing that will be animated of course will be the tital sequence, this morning I'm typing the script for it and i will probably find some one that can do some voices with me using a good quality mic. but ill be looking around New grounds for that

Episode 1 will feature Kirby and of course the hamster you all know. this sill be a story and action heavy series. i wanna at least flex my animated muscles hear to see if i can really pull this off, i kinda hate being the only one working on this project, sadly now that I'm on dial up, i cant get the sound effects that i wanted at a good quick time.

i know most of you watching me are waiting for the Kirby animation you have seen before to be completed, sadly that will not be happening, instead i will make you happy with something new, witch might take a while, but i will work hard to make you Kirby fans happy
the music

the music will most likely be from SSBB. and some other games, the theme song i might find or see if it might work and then shorten it. hell it may not even be really long, but ill find one and discus about it^^

other info on Kirby flash
for details, and stuff please ask the questions, you guys can talk about it hear, lets make this fun ok? they action I'm planning to make on this series will be with sound effects this time and voices, so i hope my room mates wont think I'm fucking crazy trying to yell as Metaknight. basically I'm going to TRY and be all the voices if i can. if not then i will be looking for some girls out there who could probably pull off Kirby's baby vice, i believe i can but this is just encase i can, hell i did do Navi's voice and the Grate Deku tree's voice

stay with me guys.

Pixal Penguin out


2008-05-23 00:08:19 by Axxe17

well hello again, the Penguin is back, with a message. I'm currently finishing up a new project, a collab [i will not say the name, sorry] but I'm like half way done.

Anyway, why i'm hear is for my AIM , if any of you out there wanna chat with a fellow animator PLEASE BE A ANIMATOR. then please IM me any time!

I'll be online^^

AIM: Pix3lpinguen

we can shear ideas and chat ^^ how about it?^^ add me